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An effective Drug-Free Workplace includes training.

- There are signs and symptoms indicative of marijuana use.


- Synthetic Cannabinoids (Spice/K2) are 100+ times more potent than

   marijuana and most compounds cannot be detected in a drug test.


- Drugs like marijuana, cocaine, meth, hydrocodone, oxycontin, prozac,

   ecstasy, and lsd all produce different types of sign and symptoms.

Recognizing Drug Impairment

Course Length:  3 hours

This training is for supervisors, human resource professionals, managers and anyone responsible for identifying drug use in the workplace.  This high-impact training will empower attendees on non-intrusive procedures for recognizing and diagnosing drug influence.  You will learn about frequently-used psychoactive drugs and the mental and physical effects they will induce.  You will leave with the scientifically-validated clinical and psychophysical tests used to collect and document evidence of drug impairment.  Know and understand how to interpret changes in eye movements and pupil sizes and the relationship to drug impairment.

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